Baseus Zeolite Car Fragrance

Baseus Zeolite Car Fragrance

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Baseus Zeolite Car Fragrance

Derived from natural zeolite ores, this is the perfect natural in-car air freshener.

Zeolites are pure natural raw ores with a micro-porous ability to absorb, purify and volatilize. Each zeolite is infiltrated with essential oil to form a zeolite spice.

Each fragrance lasts for approximately 45 days – but the included refills provide approximately 135 days of long-lasting fragrance.

Alcohol-free and safe to use around children – the zeolites also work to remove irritating odors from the air by absorbing and decomposing toxic molecules, in addition to infusing the air with fresh fragrance.

Two fragrances are supplied: Angel Spice + Sea Spice.  These fragrances are to be added to the glass bottle and then fixed to your car's air outlets.

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