Baseus Audio Converter L60S

Baseus Audio Converter L60S

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Baseus Audio Converter L60S

The L60s has been designed to complement modern smartphones, featuring a streamlined aesthetic and premium build.

This 2-in-1 adapter fits into your phones USB-C port and then allows you to plug in your 3.5mm earphones. You can then still charge your device at the same time through the additional female USB-C port.

So how does this differ from other similar products on the market?

Made from high grade zinc alloy and a strong meshed braided wire, this adapter is designed to last. The whole purpose of these adapters means that they will get used frequently. They will get left in bags and pockets and be carried with you wherever you go. It is for this reason it is important that they are built strong and reliable. The braided wire is tough and strong and resistant against breakage from bending. In addition the Zinc Alloy shell and casing is resistant to oxidisation and is able to withstand the elements it may be subjected to.

It terms of its functionality it is able to deliver high sound quality, restoring the original sound as it was meant to be heard. There are no delays, interruptions or crackling. Instead the audio signal you receive is crystal clear and enjoyable to listen to.

A built in cool breathing light shines when charging to indicate status. This stunning addition to the adapter gives of a sense of technology, enhancing its feel-good aesthetic appeal and reminding you of the adapters quality and craftsmanship.

  • Colour- Tarnish
  • Charging – 1A max – (if you are looking for a higher powered alternative check our our 18W PD adapter, the L57)
  • Compatible with Type-C devices

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